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Rate and Terms


Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Gagan Metals Limited which is operated and owned by our website here, we have revealed our terms and conditions as per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India and the Information Technology ACT. However, all the details have been mentioned on the page which is mandatory to read before entering into a contract with us or getting any financial or technical services from our side. The client must adhere to the Indian Contract ACT of 1872 for fair and transparent services and contact, especially while establishing financial services.

Contact Details

As per the terms and conditions set by the Reserve Bank of India, we get the personal details while initiating the business i.e., to get the fintech support or personal loan services, and therefore, we get the following details like Name, Email, Contact Numbers, PAN, Aadhar, business agreement and all. And we use all these for multiple usage which has been given further.

Eligibility & Membership

While getting the services and membership from our side, the client must be eligible as per the Indian Contract ACT 1872, and the eligibility also varies with different parameters like age, company profile, area of work and many more, therefore, you must be aware of our eligibility criteria. Apart from the fintech services, for getting financial services like loans, you need to be eligible with valid documents, income, credit score and many and it will help you get our services easily.


The interest rate, fees, and all other charges will be revealed at the time of getting the contract or financial services and therefore the customers need to be ready with these terms and conditions and all the charges. However, over time certain changes in the contract might occur and we will illustrate all those points before getting into an agreement.

Rejection of loan or agreement

In the case where there is a rejection of a loan or agreement, it’s our right to cancel or reject the application, especially when there is a lack of documents, income, and other papers necessary for the agreements. It might also occur due to the absence of agreement from the clients.


The tenure of the loan will be fixed at the time of disbursal, and it must be noted that the agreement for the fintech support will also be based on all the fees like shares and other charges, and it will be fixed while signing the agreement. In case of any default as per the agreement, it may be cancelled also.


We can disclose and disagree with the client caught in the default and therefore, we will have the right to announce such customers as defaulters from our side, especially when they don’t pay or obey the terms and conditions.

Intellectual property right

As per the intellectual proper right, we will have all right to revise the content, logo and any other part of the website, such as designing, revision content and many more.

It is essential to think before sending your feedback or comments that it must not hurt any community, people, political party or individuals. We will have to raise the complaint against such controversial content as well.


We have been functioning in the surveillance and under the guidance of regulatory authority and we use ethical ways for the accomplishment of agreements, therefore, we request all the clients that if you are getting any offer pertaining to the pre-approval charges, or fintech services, avoid such information because we proceed with a fair payment option after the agreement and we don’t have any concealed charges at all.

Raise complaint disputes.

If you are facing any trouble while reaching us or have any difficulties while getting the services, you can raise disputes, and our grievance officer is always there for the solution to your concerns.

Contact Details

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